Halloween 2018

theater D. Juan TenorioEvery year on October 31 we celebrate the All Saints and Halloween festivity in our center. With collaboration of the department of music, English, language, dace and library, a most chilling program has been developed:

  • Performance of a fragment of Don Juan Tenorio by students of 4th ESO and 2nd Bachillerato.
  • Popular stories: "The Offal Tale", by Petra Barrios.
  • Classic stories: "The Tell-tale Heart", written by Edgar Allan Poe, by Antonio J. Calvo.
  • This is Halloween: choreography and song in English (3th ESO students)
  • Exhibition of horror movie posters in the central corridor.
  • Decoration with horror motifs (art students coordinated by Lola Vigo)
  • II Contest of Tales of Terror (department of language and English)
  • Halloween Pumpkin Contest (English department)
  • Background music.



Our school had a fantastic time remembering popular traditions and enjoying the fun and motivating aspects that Halloween offers to students.